Repertoire 2019/20


Music for the court
Being the only professional duo with baroque mandolin and baroque/archlute worldwide, we perform baroquemusic from european courts by Vivaldi, Hasse, Bach and others.

The Era of the virtuoso
We use original 19th instruments for performances of music for mandolin and guitar by Schubert, Sarasate and Debussy.

Music from the USA for mandolin and guitar.
Our programme "America" is the result of several US tours and a collaboration with famous composers from the guitar community and established composers who have written their first composition for our instruments. This project has also been published very successfully by Naxos.

Programme with Léon Berben (harpsichord/organ/piano)

Basically Baroque
Music by Scarlatti, Bach, Telemann with baroque mandolin, lutes (archlute/baroque lute) and harpsichord/organ

Sonatas by Mozart, Beethoven and Hummel for piano and mandolin (with historic instruments from the 18th century)

Concerts with orchestra

Radamés Gnatali (1907-1987)
Suite Retratos for mandolin, guitar and strings

Jan Truhlář (1928-2007)
Bad Haller Romanze Op. 94 for mandolin, guitar and small orchestra (or mandolin-orchestra)

Rodney Newton (*1945)
Concerto da Camera No.1 for mandolin, guitar and strings

Barry Mills (*1949)
Concerto for mandolin, guitar and orchestra
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