Daniel Ahlert

Daniel Ahlert studied mandolin and baroque mandolin with Prof. Marga Wilden-Hüsgen at Musikhochschule Köln/Wuppertal and finished with the highest possible degree. In 1992 he and guitarist and lutenist Birgit Schwab founded Duo Ahlert & Schwab. Since then Daniel has pursued a successful international career as a mandolin soloist and chamber musician.

Daniel started studying the mandolin in 1984. Two years later he also began taking lessons on the violin. In 1986, Daniel debuted in his hometown Bergkamen, and in 1988 he performed for the first time as a soloist with orchestra, playing Vivaldi's mandolin concerto. Concerts in other European countries followed.

Daniel Ahlert won first prizes in 1993 at the final stage of Jugend musiziert and 1996 at "13. Concours national Luxembourgeois pour Jeunes Solistes". Following this success he was invited to do recordings of music by Ludwig van Beethoven and Raffaele Calace for radio 100,7 in Luxembourg.

Daniel Ahlert has performed with many ensembles, e.g. Ensemble Notabu, Duisburger Philharmoniker and Concilium Musicum Wien, and he was invited by Slovak Chamber Orchestra conducted by Bohdan Warchal to be their soloist for a concert tour through Slovakia. He performed with Canadian soprano Barbara Hannigan and played Antonio Vivaldi's mandolin concerto at Aqua Musica Festival in Amsterdam and at Holland Festival Oude Muziek in Utrecht. Since 2018 Daniel Ahlert has been performing with León Berben (harpsichord and square piano).

In 2018 Claudio Records published the CD project „Elan Valley“, for which Daniel did the premiere recording of the mandolin concerto dedicated to him by British composer Barry Mills.

Daniel Ahlert teaches mandolin in masterclasses, at music schools and universities in Germany and abroad. In order to expand the repertoire for mandolin, Daniel Ahlert works with composers from all over the world, who write music for him. He premiered concertos and solo music e.g. by Ernesto Cordero (Puerto Rico), Jürgen Meyer-Metzenthin (Germany) and Michalis Andronikou (Canada).

Daniel also started writing music of his own in his youth, and he has finished more than 30 compositions. In the past few years, he has returned to exploring this field. They are published by Les Productions d'OZ in Canada.

Finally, Daniel Ahlert is devoting himself to historically informed playing on the mandolin as well as researching historical music sources and long-forgotten literature and original music. For example, Daniel was the first to reconstruct how to make picks from cherry-tree-bark, a technique that had been lost for centuries.

Daniel performs on the Neapolitan- Milanese- and Cremonese Mandolin and on the Liuto cantabile (Basssmandolin).

Programms 2022

Daniel Ahlert

„Pure Mandolin“
Daniel Ahlert goes on tour with his first solo-programm.
With music by Prokofjew, Godard and others

„Basically Baroque“
Baroque-Sonatas for mandolin and lute
Music by Antonio Vivaldi, Arcangello Corelli and others
Birgit Schwab: Lute

„Only Sylvius shall play the lute“
Music from the court of Dresden by Sylvius Leopold Weiss
for lute and mandolin
Birgit Schwab: Lute

„Baroque essentials“
Baroque Sonatas for Mandolin and Harpsichord
Music by Vivaldi, Scarlatti, Couperin and others
Léon Berben: Harpsichord

The Baroquemusic of Europe for Mandolin, Lute and Harpsichord
Music by Vivaldi, Scarlatti, Couperin and others
Birgit Schwab: Lute
Léon Berben: Harpsichord

„Beethovens Mandolin“
Sonatas for Harpsichord and Mandolin
Music by Hummel, Beethoven and others
Léon Berben: Harpsichord

„The aera of the virtuosi“
Romantic music for mandolin and guitar
With music by Pablo der Sarasate Claude Debussy and others
Birgit Schwab: Guitar

„Caprichos de Goya“
Not only is the series of etchings by Spanish artist Francisco de Goya considered a satirical masterpiece, it has also been inspiring musicians to set Goya's imagery to music ever since he made them (1797-1799). In their newest project Duo Ahlert & Schwab present music for mandolin and guitar, which was inspired by the Caprichos and once again demonstrate their instruments' tonal and artistic capabilities.
Birgit Schwab: Guitar

Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741)
-Concerto C-major for mandolin, strings and B.c.
-Concerto Bflat major for mandolin, violion, strings and B.c.

Radamés Gnattali (1906-1988), Brazil
Suite Retratos for mandolin, guitar and strings


Daniels first performances


Daniel Ahlert (*1973), Deutschland
Titel: Quartett for 4 Mandolins
Written: 2010
Premiere: 5th August in Herzogenrath

Titel: Suite Girafe for Mandolin
Written: 2010
Premiere: 24th July 2011 in Schwerte
Publisher: Les Productions d'Oz

Titel: Fantasie et la Fustemberg for Mandolin
Written: 2011
Premiere: 1st January 2012 in Bochum

Titel: 6 Variationen über "Nel cor piu non mi sento" for Mandolin 
Written: 2020
Premiere: 27th June 2021 in Viersen


Heinz Benker (1921-2000), Deutschland
Titel: Partita Vellicata for Mandolin
Written: 1997, dedicatet to Daniel Ahlert
Premiere: 15th February 1998 in Wuppertal
Publisher: Pan Verlag


Nestor de Hollanda Cavalcanti (*1949), Brazil
Titel: "Um Gringo no Choro" for Mandolin
Written: 2002, dedicated to Daniel Ahlert
Premiere: 2nd May 2004 on Island Langeoog

Ernesto Cordero (*1946), Puerto Rico
Titel: Concertino Tropical for Mandolin and Strings
Written: 1998
Premiere: 29th June 2002 in Piestany/Slowakia, with the Slovakian Chamberorchestra

Titel: Meditación for Mandolino
Written: 2010
Premiere: 20th July 2014 in Herzogenrath


Jeffrey Hoover (*1959), USA
Titel: "Inner Rhythm" for Mandolino
Written: 2006, dedicated to Daniel Ahlert
Premiere: 15th April on Island Langeoog


Jürgen Meyer-Metzenthin (*1955), Deutschland
Titel: "Tanz der Chimäre" for Mandolin
Written: 2004
Premiere: 9th July 2005 in Herongen
Recording: Youtube


(Ipf- und Jagstzeitung, 9th November 2015)

"Ein Virtuose auf der Mandoline"

(Harzkurier 20th January 2010)

Daniel Ahlert bedankte sich mit Klangbildern, die an atmosphärischer Dichte kaum zu übertreffen sind.

Compositions by Daniel Ahlert

Titel: Scales for mandolin, vol. 1 & 2
Written: 1998-2006

Titel: La Folia for mandolin and guitar
Written: 2007
First performance: July 4th 2007 in Herzogenrath

Titel: 6 Caprices for mandolin
Written: 2009
Published by: Les Productions d'Oz

Titel: 12 easy pieces for Baroque mandoline
Written: 2009-2010

Titel: "Repetitionsetüden" for mandolin
Written: 2009-2010

Titel: Quartet for 4 mandolins
Written: 2010
First performance: August 5th 2010 in Herongen
Published by: Les Productions d'Oz

Titel: Suite girafe for mandolin
Written: 2010
First performance: July 24th 2011 in Schwerte
Published by: Les Productions d'Oz

Titel: Études miniatures zoologiques for mandolin
Written: 2010
Published by: Les Productions d'Oz

Titel: Preludien, Tänze und Fantasien for Baroque mandolin
Written: 2010

Titel: Arie e Danza for mandoline and basso
Written: 2011
First performance: ?

Titel: Fantasie et la Fustemberg for mandolin
Written: 2011
First performance: January 1st 2012 in Bochum
Published: Eres

Titel: Katzenmusik for mandolin
Written: 2011
First performance: July 2nd 2014 in Bochum
Titel: Fantasia 1 & 2 for mandolin
Written: 2011

Titel: 5 Episodes for mandolin
Written: 2011
Published by: Les Productions d'Oz

Titel: 3 Etudes for mandolin
Written: 2012
Published by: Les Productions d'Oz

Titel: 4 Episodes for 3 mandolins
Written: 2012

Titel: Duos for Baroque mandolin
Written: 2012

Titel: Sonata for Baroque mandolin and basso
Written: 2012
First performance: November 9th 2012 in Höhenkirchen

Titel: Tremolo Etudes for mandolin
Written: 2013

Titel: Die Sternkreiszeichen f0r 4 mandolins, vol. 1
Written: 2013
First performance: August 2013 in Herzogenrath

Titel: Sonata in D for baroque mandolin
Written: 2013

Titel: Purple for mandolin
Written: 2014
First performance: June 8th 2015 in Bochum

Titel: Capriccio for mandoline and guitar
Written: 2014
First performance: August 19th 2014 in Frankfurt

Titel: Fantasie über ein ganz bestimmtes Thema for 2 mandolins
Written: 2015
Published by: Les Productions d'Oz

Titel: Capriccio for mandolinorchestra
Written: 2015

Titel: Landscapes for mandolin
Written: 2017

Titel: 3 Aquarelle for 3 mandolins
Written: 2016-2019
Published: Eres

Titel: Summertime for mandolin and violin
Written: 2018
First performance: July 10th 2019 in Bochum

Titel: The Ever Changin Moon for mandolin
Written: 2019
Published by: Les Productions d'Oz

Titel: Doubel Stop Etudes for mandolin, vol. 1 & 2
Written: 2008-2020

Titel: Notturno & Requiem for guitar
Written: 2011/2020
Published by: Les Productions d'Oz
Press: allclassicalguitar

Titel: Thema con Variationi for mandolin
Written: 2020

Titel: 6 Variations on "Nel cor piu non mi sento" for mandolin
Written: 2020
First performance: June 27th 2021 in Viersen

Titel: The Awakening for mandolin
Written: 2021
Published: Eres

Titel: Predator Suite for mandolin
Written: 2021

Silvius Leopold Weiss ((1687-1750)
Titel: Sonata 20 in d for lute and mandolin
Titel: Sonata 14 in g for lute and mandolin
Titel: Concert in F for lute and mandolin
Titel: Sonata 6 in B for lute and mandolin

Søffren Degen (1816-1885)
Titel: Trois Pièces for mandolin and guitar

Edward Elgar (1857-1934)
Titel: Serenade for mandolin and guitar

Giuseppe Pettine (18)
Titel: Christmas Song Op.13 for mandolin and guitar

Raffaele Calace (1863-1934)
Titel: Danse Fantastique for Liuto cantabile and mandolinorchestra


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